Sweethearts – I’m back at home! Already some days ago… but it feels like it was yesterday.

What an amazing, inaugural get-together BLAST!

A quick insertion for those of you without knowledge about this BLAST:

AliveInBerlin took place 30/31 may 2014 – that was last „weekend“ (friday/saturday). Fortunately the next event will take place in may 2015! So grab your ticket!

Do you know Pam Slim and Chris Guillebeau? These and many more inspired us…

Before the event I vlogged about Aliveness & being a guest speaker 🙂 and how I structorganize my speech.

I didn’t mention that there was an interview with me…

And here the beautiful designed bio on the website:


So, good, you catched up. My whole being is still bubbling with energy…

… being honoured to be a guest speaker was that *omg*, that I’m going to do another blogpost about all my insights/experiences. Speaking the first time in front of about 130 people is pretty amazing breathtaking, isn’t it? Being in front of 20 people (like in my studies) and explaining as a volunteer the process of heat pumps is a piece of cake and I always feel alive. I hope you aren’t frightened now about the heat pumps ;-).

I love to explain, support, inspire and add value – that’s me :).

My self-chosen topic for AliveInBerlin? This:

My Topic

In a nutshell:

„how to make the most out of life“ -> „add tons of tons of value to your time“ -> „transform your busy life into a rich life“ -> result: drive, motivation, passion, fulfillment & go for gold attitude* 😀

*No, there’s any scientific research. I’m the proof 🙂

I never mentioned anything here about my skills to add value to my time. Indeed I’m a little pro ;-). Fortunately the AliveInBerlin-crew recorded all speeches – YAYY! So you can enjoy mine and those of the other phenomenals speakers too :D.

So here we go – insight in my record card:

Achievements MagicMoments Gratitude

Wow! Sooo many magic moments 😀

And yes, I’m so grateful for having a new family! It’s just more than a „community“. I love(d) so much, that those people – call them Alivers 🙂 – are driven, passionate, authentic and unique (like me hihi)! We didn’t need to explain that we want to make the world a better place. That’s a go without saying.

Some words to my extended family 🙂


Hici Türedi: Thank you for being with me and writing my name so impressive.
Henrika Tonder: Thanks for your shiny radiance
Jessica Shaw: Sweetheart 🙂 and always remember: Behind every great man is an even greater woman!  🙂
Ramona Fellermeier: Let’s skype! All these interruptions… 😉
Cathy Goldner: Whenever you don’t see your own „gold“ – write your last name!
Sannie Buren: Sannie-Sun 🙂 you are my nr. 1 when we visit Denmark! And let’s dance 🙂
Lina Sandén: Lina sweety :). Just wear your glitter turquoise dress like on your pictures from your homepage. That’s almost adequate to your inner shine *bling*
Tom Ewer: I’m so looking forward to host you :). Thx for brain wash transforming my beliefs about history together with Rob Young. Next time we’ll attack politics. *uargh*
Reggie Black: Can we become post-it pen pals?
Michal Szafranski: I have still an ace up my sleeve 😉 *giggling*
Andrzej Tucholski: Did you know that I love(d) to game too? Like a shadowpriest in WoW etc… (*omg* did I just mention that?)
Krzysztof Szymanski: Do you want to know when a girl is REALLY in love with you??? When she knows your name by heart. That’s the proof 🙂 Lucky guy!
Rakesh Patel: Can we skype too?? Nope, no interruptions – never started!
Guy How: Your passion is freaking inspiring!
Andre Schuberth: So superawesome to meet you! Put the chisel in the air :). So excited which impact your success boards will have!

Harry Holzer aka husband: <3 you are my man :D. Solid as a rock :-*

@guest contributors
Dave Ursillo: Writerpower! I know one day I’ll need all your knowledge…
John Whittle: Could feel physically your energy -> smashing up imaginary bad guys! Your girlfriend = 100% safe
Michael Gebben: Amaaaazing energy. I’m a raving fan of you! In case you didn’t know…

(Surprise Speaker) Greg Hartle: So honoured to meet you. Thanks for your massive inspiration! Even as an experienced creator of well-lived days you kicked my butt… *gulp*
Pamela Slim: Grateful for your „Body of Work“, that leaded to the book „Body of Work“, so when can build up our „Body of Work“ :D. Vicious cycle in a positive way.
Chris Guillebeau: Love(d) your energy – full of peace…
Carl Paoli: Looking forward to your new book – hopefully available as an eBook too ?!?
Sarah Peck: Inspired about your body language when you were talking on stage. It’s obvious that you do yoga (or sth. similar if I didn’t know). Maybe I should to yoga too ?!
Dr. Carolyn Eddleston: What an openhearted energy! Makes me cry…
Ben Austin Power: New word: radiance and some other strong language haha :).

@CEO + AliveInBerlin Crew
Crew: All of you rocked and made a difference! pLEAse unite again for 2015 🙂
Anne-Sophie Reinhardt: Just the best for the childbirth and the next Alive-Baby with amazing Superpowers! Have a heart.
JANA Schuberth alias Superwoman: *omg* I can’t tell you thanks enough! Dear Jana – I’m amazed by your bravery, knowledge and kick-ass-skills. Like the picture in my record card – you went through the tunnel sometimes with pure light, sometimes with little light. You started & finished and now you are creating for the next BLAST! Can you really imagine that? Thanks to you Jana – all the Alivers met soooo sparkling human beings! *huuuuuug*

And all the others I didn’t mention – feel hugged aka *squeeze till you can’t breathe*. And when you can’t wait for one year to talk with me -> mail me, write me, send me a letter or whatever 🙂


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