Wow – one year ago I made the first step! I published my first blogpost.

Let’s celebrate with a cake 😀 – erm… a ceramic cake!

Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday – my cute and inspiring blog! *sing sing sing*

Wow – so amazing! One year! 🙂

When I started blogging I had no idea about what exactly I’m going to blog. In the meantime three main categories evolved: sewing, ceramics and inspiration. That’s me!

Here are my favorite posts of each category:

MonetaDressBirthday Celebration


My first blogpost (exactly one year ago) was about an inspiring postcard that I love so much! „Unfortunately“ I wrote it only in German – well I think/thought that I won’t touch the right tone in English. I must confess, that my English skills grew – thanks to my blog, thanks to skype calls, thanks to reading high-class blogpost by my buddy Madeleine 🙂 and sometimes I even hear my voice talking in my head in English! 🙂 That’s pretty cool! Nowadays I blog in English and German (but not this post muahaha 😉 I can’t be late with my celebration, so English is enough.)

Finding my/a blogging voice was important for me. That’s why I took a course – Blogging from the Heart – by Susanah Conway . I experimented with video here and here, another time I drew a graphic record and I always enjoyed to use photoshop for creating GIF’s 😀

Thanks to my motto „quality over quantity“ I published 15 post during my first year. Hell yes! My life is rich in different aspects – like rich of magic moments, gratitude, colour, creativity, growth, inspiration and ideas.

And the best? I came up with a new page! Event memories 🙂 (if you read only one link on this post, read this one! And if you like it then share it pLEAse 🙂 thank you!)

The idea of my event memories was born in spring this year – out of pure gratitude and necessity.

Now in autumn I created a „personal and individual version“ of those ceramic reminders. I’m researching about how they can impact your life :). More on that in the new year!

This is a pre-shoot; me lighting the candle – I love this authentic picture cos it’s how my favorite workspace looks with typical elements hahaha…



Today I wish that I make another step, that I’m going to be proud of in 365 days. Well, I’m already midst in a change – so the big step is already going on :).

The change has to do with my „Project X“ I mentioned in my last post. There is one additional hint 🙂 it’s connected with a course I did earlier this year called Passion2Profit. Next year I’m going to tell you openly about it – the „a-lot-of-change-guaranteed-project“ :D.

You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will. – Stephen King

I don’t want to create a bucket blog list for ’15, cos I have already a lot of smart goals in my life.

My aim is to blog either on a 7th, 14th, 21th or 28th of a month and serve you with uniqueness and inspiration of my life.

Ceramic Cake


From the bottom of my heart – my biggest thank goes out to Jana Schuberth! She kicked my butt and challenged me to CREATE and START this blog. She shifted my mindset from dreaming to doing! Jana – thank you very much for all of your support, kind words and allowing me to see old and dusty beliefs that prefer to flourish to new bloom!
And a special thank goes out to my hubby, who’s supporting me always :-* (incl. fantastic pictures) and another thank you to the wonderful Madeleine 🙂 *high five*.


Over to you

A year from now you will wish you had started today. – Karen Lamb

What do you wish you had started a year ago? Can you start today?

Leave a comment and maybe I can support you with a personal ceramic reminder to support you to reach your goal? I LOVE to surprise people 🙂 – and today is even Thanks+Giving!

Hugs and thanks for reading my blog :). I’m so blessed!


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