Are you planning a celebration?

A meeting of minds, a connecting of hearts, a coming together of like-minded souls.

A conference, a summit, a get-together, a seminar, a retreat, a wedding.

The creation of a community, whether for a few hours, a day, or a week.

Something unique. Because when a group of people connect, magic happens. Shared experiences, open hearts.


If you are, then I bet you’re putting a lot of thought into the details. In fact, „a lot of thought“ might be an understatement. You’re taking time and investing attention and money to make the occasion a truly special one. The venue, the food, the drink… and the way you treat your speakers and attendees.

You’re hoping that your event will be remembered for more than the time it lasts. You want to transfer the energy, impressions and emotions that bubble up during your shared time together into the daily lives of the people who attend – not leave it to vanish as soon as they walk out the door.

So what can you give your speakers, organizers and attendees to mark the occasion, to express your gratitude for their contribution, and to treasure for a lifetime afterwards?

If you’re struggling to find a heartfelt gift to say thank-you to your speakers, attendees and sponsors, then I’d be honoured to to share these heartfelt, handmade gifts with you.

I believe in being grateful. I believe that time is precious, and that the way that we add value to our lives is by appreciating and celebrating these moments that we create together.

I searched for a long time for a way of connecting emotions and feelings with tangible reminders – objects you can hold in your hand, slip into your bag, place on your desk – to remind you of the things you value most in all the world.

And that’s why I decided to use my talent for handmade ceramic art, and my passion for gratitude, to create these heartfelt reminders.

Attendee gift

In everything I do, I believe in adding value, and practicing gratitude. And when I see the impact that these gifts have, I realize that I stumbled on a way to help you do exactly the same.

The gifts

These aren’t your average goody-bag tokens. Maybe you’ve looked at the novelty gifts, the paper and plastic favors, and known deep down that this wasn’t for you.

This is for you if you’re searching for something unique, made with care and attention, to serve as a lasting memory. It’s art. And love. And gratitude. All in one piece, for you to hold in your hand.

Speaker gift close up

These pieces are:

  • Swiss quality, and made by me with love.
  • Unique: Hand made ceramic Raku-ware (here with an iridescent glaze) or stone ware.
  • Nice to the touch, shiny to look at, and completely individual.
  • Triggers: recalling the time you spent together, and subtly reminding attendees to come along next time.
  • Durable + long-lasting (like forever, if you don’t drop them)



Heart out of Alive hearts


Prices are negotiable and will depend on quantity, size, detailing, time and effort.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the gifts I could create for your event, drop me a note :).

Speaker gifts


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