While reheating the yummy Riz Casimir – I had this sudden flash of an inspiring idea…

As a Creator I’m gifted with an outstanding imagination. I visualize and see things, that others can’t. Whereof adding structure and organizing is one of my favorites… it just flows so easily out of my heart that I name myself sometimes Idea-Generator *laughing about myself*  I just love doing this 😀

Structure + Organization = Structorganization

Structure: logic sequences, cLEAr (ahh I just love my name…) shapes, comprehensive arrangements
Organization: construct an optimized workflow, plan to reach fantastic goals, add value to processes and things

So why not sharing some insights about my Structorganization?

Btw –  This time doing so by writing only (no video) *omg* and exclusively in english 😉 – inspired by my friend/writer/heart-led-business-supporter Madeleine Forbes who finally (!) started blogging =) *yes*

 #1 How I structorganize my ideas

I’m sooo glad that I bought a file folder this week! Why didn’t I think about it before? As an Idea-Generator 😉 I have daily new ideas, which I note down usually, put them on the stash on my desk so they can hibernate…

„Momentum Flow“ what I define as having an idea and implementing it immediately – what I’m doing now *yes* – helps me enormously to start and finish at once, practise curiosity and just being in my flow forgetting about time

The last couple of days this Momentum Flow hunted me while screaming „why do you let your amazing ideas make hibernation and piling up? It’s your gift – why don’t you honour it?“ Yes, so true questions… that led me to the following statement:

Let Ideas Hibernate = Procrastination

Structorganize Ideas

Thanks to my colourful, tidy and easy-to-use  folder *hellyes* the first step is made: awareness!

And man – did I marvel at all these great ideas!!!

#2 How I structorganize my futuring blogposts

Up to now I have no regularity when I publish a new blogpost. To have raving blogreaders it’s best/a must to commit to a regularity. That’s what I’m working on. So here is it:

Structorganize Blogpost 1

My self-created Blogpost-Planner 😀 (fits in every handbag)

I must confess, I’m still „working on my strategy“ alias I didn’t follow through/doesn’t work/failed/still finding the right or another way. Maybe it’s because I used Post-It’s (aaaah I LOVE them)… switch around, change, arrange new, optimise, squeeze in a new idea etc… Here’s my plan (which I need to revise – don’t take it for granted right) for June 2014:

Structorganize Blogpost 2

And you know what??? I could blog 1x per week and I would have enough ideas to fill the rest of 2014!!! *tap on my shoulder for honouring my ideas*

MMhh… *Can somebody become mentally disordered cos of too many ideas?*

#3 How I structorganize my speech for Alive in Berlin


Countdown starts Alive in Berlin! I already blogged about what being Alive means for me 🙂 and as some of you know already *drumroll* I’m a guest contributor! Isn’t it amazing to speak shortly after Pam Slim? Of course I’m sooo excited and I can’t believe that it’s already friday after next – 10 days! I had the same feeling for our wedding too – you start planning about 1 year ahead and the day seems so far away and then – all of a sudden – it’s tomorrow!! Do you remember? Aaah – I just LOVE weddings 😀 – especially my own *hihi* what a DAY! So back to my speech I’m preparing… it’s about „How to Add More Value To Your Time“ *structorganize*

Here is what you see: (yes some black censorships ;-))

Structorganize AliveInBerlin 1

Here are some insights about my structorganizations…

Structorganize AliveInBerlin 2

Funny, right? My creative room (where I just sit and write) is just full with snippets, ideas and just on my left side on the desk is a surprise for the event *wohooo*. I use the floor, the walls, the door from my closet – maybe next the ceiling?

I just love to start with a draft, roughly noted down on some paper, thinking about again and again… having new ideas, woving the concept together, visualize the central theme, make it logic and easy to understand, make a testrun (some guinea pigs here?), recieve valuable and wise feedback (still guinea pig? then leave a comment) to add more value :). It’s a process. Why making such an effort? Just to get the most out and inspire all Alivers 😀  can’t wait! So see you there 😀


Lea Unterschrift

And now it’s time to get some sleep… start-to-finish in a wink – I’ll try next time…